POP DOG, brand of accessories for dogs and stylish masters 🐶🌈

What if I could walk my dog ​​with elegance & style?

This question is the beginning of the Pop Dog adventure!

I have always loved dogs and had a thirst for entrepreneurship since a very young age.

My love for dogs + my dream of creating my own brand + my desire to walk my dog ​​hands-free and in style = POP DOG 🌈

💥 The hands-free leash

Designed as a real fashion accessory that goes with our wardrobe, the shoulder leash allows you to walk your dog hands-free and with a light heart with your phone, your coffee, your stroller...

🌈 See life in color with Pop Dog

Color is the very essence of Pop Dog, bringing color for owners and for their dogs...And it suits them very well!

Each color corresponds to a personality such as Glutton pink, Devil red, Pirate green... Find the one that best matches your dog's 😉

🇫🇷 Construction & Durability

All Pop Dog products are handmade in our French workshop. Each material is carefully selected for their high quality and resistance. The leashes and collars are designed for dogs and therefore can go in water, mud or even the sea and are very easy to clean.

🐶🐱 Solidarity & Benevolence

More than a commitment, a conviction: Pop Dog donates several times a year to animal protection associations.

☀️ Mantra

I work hard to support my dog's extravagant lifestyle!

The founder, Alexandra


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